Can you get a body like this without protein shakes?

Answer Protein shakes are really crappy lab concoctions, both because of the ingredients and the taste. Read the label…I’m pretty sure you’ll find some artificial flavors and fake sugars in there (l... Read More »

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Can i drink 2 protein shakes a day if?

Of course it would be ok. But I guess it depends on what your goal is.If you are trying to gain weight (muscle) than yes it would be OK to drink 2 protein shakes (one before the workout & one after... Read More »

Can you survive off of protein shakes?

No. Protein powder is garbage, toxic garbage filled with nasty chemicals.Drink/eat egg whites. They're mother natures protein shakes. Does the job and 10x better.Shakes don't have a full amino acid... Read More »

Are protein shakes good?

Hi Christina,You can't go wrong with Chocolate, for any brand you choose. Calcium is a good mineral to use for your bones but I wouldn't worry about that if anything you could take glucosamine for ... Read More »

What do protein shakes do?