Can you get a US Passport if you owe child support in CA?

Answer Yes as it is only applicable to unpaid arrears under circumstances where a valid argument cannot be presented to the courts as to why one is unable to pay. see links below.

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In the state of Louisiana can someone get a passport while owing child support?

When a child is abandoned by a parent receiving child support how does that child get the child support?

The persons in custody of the child must file for legal guardianship and request the court modify the child support order. The person needs legal standing to receive child support.

Can child support orders be file for back child support after the child dies?

Was over paid child support for 2 years than child support stopped for 1 year does the law consider it an extra?

Overpaid child support is often consider a gift by the courts, which is why one need to regularly monitor their payments. see links below