Can you get a Georgia insurance license with a felony on your record?

Answer Yes you can, it depends on the offense of course. If it involves embezzelment, insurance fraud or a violent crime it won't happen. Everything is case by case and on the application answer honestly ... Read More »

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Can you get a Texas life insurance license with a felony?

The Texas Department of Insurance requires all applicants to submit to fingerprinting and provide a detailed account of all prior convictions, including felonies. Any crimes considered to be a brea... Read More »

How do I clear a felony from a record in Georgia?

PreparationCheck that your case is expungeable: Georgia law allows expungement only in cases where charges were dropped without conviction (i.e. Dismissed; Nolle Prosse; Not Presented to Grand Jur... Read More »

Can you join the military with a felony on your record?

Eligibility requirements vary by service branch and by the nature of the felony committed. In some cases, individuals with felony records may be granted a waiver and allowed to enlist. Waivers are ... Read More »

Can you join the air force with a felony on your juvenile record?

There are few things that will automatically stop you from joining the military. That being said you will need to contact your local recruiter and talk to them about getting a waiver to join. They ... Read More »