Can you get a Georgia insurance license with a felony on your record?

Answer Yes you can, it depends on the offense of course. If it involves embezzelment, insurance fraud or a violent crime it won't happen. Everything is case by case and on the application answer honestly ... Read More »

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How do I clear a felony from a record in Georgia?

PreparationCheck that your case is expungeable: Georgia law allows expungement only in cases where charges were dropped without conviction (i.e. Dismissed; Nolle Prosse; Not Presented to Grand Jur... Read More »

Can you get a Texas life insurance license with a felony?

The Texas Department of Insurance requires all applicants to submit to fingerprinting and provide a detailed account of all prior convictions, including felonies. Any crimes considered to be a brea... Read More »

How many points does insurance count for suspended drivers license and how long does it stay on record with insurance company in Arizona?

A suspension of the drivers license will be visible for 5 years on your driving record and doesn't show up as any points.

How Do I Get an Insurance License in Georgia?

To obtain a property and casualty insurance license in Georgia you must be at least 18 years old and a resident of Georgia. Having a property and casualty insurance license allows you to sell insur... Read More »