Can you get a 20-year tourist visa?

Answer You cannot receive a 20-year tourist visa. A common feature of all tourism visas is limited, temporary stay that often lasts no more than a few months. For U.S. visitors, the B-2 tourism visa grant... Read More »

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Getting pregnant whilst on my 2nd year Working Tourist Visa in Australia?

Unless you are considered the legal de-factor (living as a couple for 12 months - sharing bank accounts, bills, each others power of attorny etc), you have to either get married or apply for a fian... Read More »

Can I apply for an Australian permanent visa while on a tourist visa in Australia?

You can apply for other visas while on a tourist visa in Australia as long as the visa label on your passport does not say "8503 No Further Stay." Check the requirements for the permanent visa you ... Read More »

Can a tourist visa lead to a permanent visa in Australia?

A person on a tourist visa cannot apply for Australian permanent residency solely on the merit of having a valid tourist visa. Australia only offers permanent visas to qualifying workers and immigr... Read More »

Apply for UK tourist visa having Schengen visa..pls help?

The UK Border Agency does not care about your travels in Europe. They want to see your travel arrangements you have made to leave the UK to assure that you do not plan to stay illegally in the coun... Read More »