Can you get Verizon FiOS without their phone service?

Answer Verizon FiOS Internet may be ordered alone or as part of a package. FiOS television service may also be ordered alone, as can the communication giant's phone service. Savings are available for thos... Read More »

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Is verizon fios a good phone/tv/internet service?

I have the fios triple play package, and it's as fast as advertised. My friends come over and gawk at my speedtests, there is no way I could go back to cable internet service after having fios, let... Read More »

Can you get fios without a phone service?

Yes, Verizon offers several service "bundles," which include options to subscribe to only the Fios TV and Internet services, without the home phone service. You can also opt for individual Fios TV ... Read More »

What is verizon fios internet service?

USA Today declares Verizon the manager of the most advanced communication networks in the world, FiOS--fiber optic service. It's an engineering risk that makes consumers the greatest victor. Data t... Read More »

How do I add a Verizon FIOS Internet service connection to two computers?

Connect Computers to RouterConnect the two computers to the Verizon FIOS router. Using Ethernet cables, connect the two computers to two free ports on the router. One end of an Ethernet cable will ... Read More »