Can you get Lumineers with gum disease?

Answer On One Hand: Gum Disease Doesn't DisqualifyThere is no hard and fast rule that individuals fighting gum disease can't get Lumineers. Gum disease does not automatically disqualify an individual, alt... Read More »

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Issues With Lumineers?

Straight, healthy teeth are one of your best accessories and attributes. If you were not blessed with naturally perfect teeth, there are myriad cosmetic procedures to transform your smile. One such... Read More »

How expensive are lumineers?

Lumineers, which are a brand of dental veneers, cost approximately $700 to $1,300 per tooth. Lumineers are .2 to .3 millimeters thin and are thinner than traditional dental veneers. They are usuall... Read More »

Information on Lumineers?

Lumineers dental veneers are ultra-thin porcelain veneers made by Den-Mat Corporation that provide cosmetic solutions to stained or chipped teeth. The application of Lumineers does not require shot... Read More »

Why Do Lumineers Cost So Much?

Lumineers cost so much due to the methods used in their construction. An included twenty year warranty, the specific dentist used in the procedure, and the need for a patients existing teeth to be ... Read More »