Can you get Ill from being in the rain?

Answer The only way you can get sick is if there was some sort of bacteria or virus in the rain or air you were breathing. You cannot simply get sick because some water hit you. Also, the headache may be... Read More »

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How do you get sick from being in the rain too long?

Well, my dad once told me that if there is light rain outside I would get sick but if it was heavy rain I wouldn't. He said when it's light rain the heat from the ground creates smoke into the rain... Read More »

How to Protect Cedar Window Frames From Being Weathered by Rain?

Cedar is a type of soft wood used in residential and commercial structures as a trim around windows, doors and other structural elements. The material is susceptible to weathering and becomes weak ... Read More »

How can I prevent my cell phone from being tapped/ my texts from being accessed?

Are you under the impression that doing that is something easy that any idiot can do, It's far from. Your being paranoid. Source(s): I'm a Cell Technician

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