Can you get IP address of a person who has sent you email ?

Answer 1. Google's (Gmail) service omits the sender IP address information from all headers. Instead, only the IP address of Gmail's mail server is shown in Received: from. This means it is impossible to ... Read More »

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How do I address letters sent by email?

Log into your email account and open a new message. Type the recipient's email into the address bar and fill in the subject line of the email--if you leave out a subject line, the recipient may not... Read More »

How to Email a Person Who Never Gave You His or Her Email Address?

Sometimes you find someone's email address in the darndest way: in a group forward, glancing over their shoulder at the computer, on a website, etc. Here are some steps to start up a conversation w... Read More »

How to retrieve sent email with invalid address@syntax error?

If it was sent with invalid address&syntax should have came back to you...otherwise you would not be aware of it. You can find that e-mail in your in box and also in the sent box......

How to Find Which Email Address Received a Message Sent Using BCC?

Using Blind carbon copy or BCC enables the sender to send a copy of an email to another person without the original recipient's knowledge. Using the BCC option is also helpful when sending bulk ema... Read More »