Can you get HIV OR AIDS from a mosquito?

Answer No. It is not possible for several reasons. Check this out for a great discussion of why it just aint so.…

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If a mosquito sucks blood from a person that has AIDS and then bites someone else, would you get AIDS.....?

Yes, unfortunately... They don't want to scare the public with that information but definitely yes...However they usually stay very close to their source of water they were born in, and live a shor... Read More »

If a mosquito bites someone with aids?

I have ALWAYS wondered this, so I'd be very interested to know too!

Why can't mosquito pass on aids/hiv?

The reason is very simple. First of all mosquito's body is not a good environment for HIV virus. It cannot survive in that environment. Second of all, when mosquitos bite you, they do not inject bl... Read More »

Is it possible to get AIDS from a mosquito bite?

No - that was disproved back in the 80's. You can only get aids from sex or sharing a needle or getting a bad blood transfusion. If one could get AIDS from mosquitos there would be many, many more... Read More »