Can you ger your sister pregnant?

Answer Yes, if you're a guy

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You got your step-sister pregnant what do you do?

You both will need to discuss this with your parents. It may not be pleasant, but if you take responsibility, you all can work through this.

Your mom and your seventeen year old pregnant sister are mean to you what should you do?

Answer For starters, she really needs to see a doctor.I would speak to my sister in a calm, non-pushing manner. Explain to her there are risks with all pregnancies. I am not sure how supportive yo... Read More »

Why some women simply hate their husband's sister just because she is his sister i e if she weren't her sister-in-law she might get along great with her?

because women are naturally territorial. (The same may actually hold true for the sister by the way) Both of them are protective over the man and therefore it is competition at it's worst. Same pro... Read More »

If my mum is my friend's aunt's sister in law's sister brother's wife's sister how is she related to me?

That all sounds slightly incestuous, but she is your mum obviously, 'cause you told us at the start!!