Can you gargle with tea tree oil?

Answer According to, you can gargle with tea tree oil as long as it's not swallowed. Add a drop to a glass of water for mouthwash, or gargle with it to help ward off sore throat and illness... Read More »

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How to Gargle with Vinegar?

The high acid levels in vinegar make this household product an effective health tool for everything from exfoliating your feet to alleviating pharyngitis, also known as a sore throat. A variety of ... Read More »

Is it safe to gargle with listerine zero mouthwash?

It is okay to gargle with it, but you should not swallow it.

How to Gargle With Saltwater for Your Wisdom Teeth?

It may be necessary to have your wisdom teeth removed for a variety of reasons. The teeth may become impacted and cause pain, or they may cause crowding in your mouth, putting pressure on your jaw ... Read More »

What medicine can i use to gargle a sore throat with because i smoke a lot?

Gargle with, Warm concentrated salt water