Can you game on a 3g iphone tether?

Answer An 3g Iphone can be tethered through PDA Net, but this illegal according to AT&T's policy. The data connection is also too slow to support most complex internet games and AT&T monitors the amount o... Read More »

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When you tether your iphone 4 with mywi and use internet on your computer will it use up the data usage for your iphone 4?

Seeing as how the iPhone 4 requires a micro-SIM you will have to either get a new micro-SIM from Vodafone; cut your SIM down to a micro-SIM; or purchase a dual SIM adapter that will allow you to us... Read More »

How tether your iphone 4?

Hold the home button and the lock/power button on the top for approx 10 seconds

Can you tether on iPhone 3GS?

How to Tether With an iPhone OS4?

iPhone users with iOS 4 installed on their devices can tether their computers to their iPhones without hacking into their operating systems. The ability to tether the Internet with an iPhone is bui... Read More »