Can you gain weight eating twizzlers?

Answer If you don't use the calories from the twizzlers then yes. If your goal is to gain weight there are much better options such as peanut butter sandwiches

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Will i gain weight by eating this?

Try gaining weight by eating a little bit healthier. Such as eating loads of protein. Especially meats, just not red meats. You can also take a supplement usually taken by people trying to build mu... Read More »

Will i gain weight from eating four slices?

I highly doubt that. Average human consumption is about 2,000 calories a day. (Even more for about half of America.) 4 slices is like 300 calories each. So 1,200 calories out of 2,000? You're good ... Read More »

Why would you gain weight from eating vegetables?

It's virtually impossible to gain weight eating vegetables only, unless you are cooking them in a lot of fat, or adding other ingredients to them. The amount you would need to eat to create a calor... Read More »

Do you gain weight by eating popcorn?

Yes, because the galactose derivative's C2 (the carbonyl carbon) can ring open to form an aldehyde.