Can you fuse in paper in fused plastic bags?

Answer You can fuse in paper in fused plastic bags by placing paper that is smaller than the size of the plastic in between the layers and then ironing. Doing this will fuse the plastic around the paper.R... Read More »

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Why do people suffering from anxiety attacks breath into brown paper bags and not plastic bags?

because if they use plastic bags they're possibly covering there faces instead of just covering there mouthsANSWER. because they're not stupid enough to use something that can suffocate them, its ... Read More »

How to Fuse Plastic Bags Into a Laptop Case?

There are many things you can do with the many plastic bags floating around in the world, such as make plastic yarn and knit a funky bag from it, or make a kite! Either way, the durability that mak... Read More »

How long does it take plastic bags to decompose in a landfill vs. paper bags?

In a landfill, neither a paper bag nor a plastic bag will decompose. Landfills are made to be stable and dry, preventing the decomposition of anything, even biodegradable material, due to the lack ... Read More »

Are paper or plastic grocery bags stronger?

Paper sacks are graded in pounds (30 pound is typical). They are stronger for sharp-edged objects that might start a "run" in plastic. Plastic grocery sacks made of number 2 (HDPE) plastic or numbe... Read More »