Can you freeze pie crust?

Answer Baked and unbaked pie crusts can be frozen as long as they are stored properly. Crusts will keep in a freezer for up to four months if baked and up to two months if unbaked.Source:Fantastic Foods: ... Read More »

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Can you freeze pastry dough or pie crust?

You can freeze both pie crust and pastry dough. An unbaked pie shell can be frozen for 3 months, and a baked one can be frozen for up to 6 weeks. The same rules apply to unbaked and baked pastry do... Read More »

Snap Freeze . How to snap freeze battered fried potato Chips ?

In a commercial setting they do this it is referred to a flash freezing it is hard to do at home as you need extremely cold temperatures for a short period and log period of mild freezing, what the... Read More »

How to Make a Pie Crust Mix?

Ready to bake.Making this mix will help speed up baking pies of all kinds. Just mix this up and store in the refrigerator. Use it for any recipe calling for pie pastry.

How to Make Pie Crust?

Ever wonder how pastry chefs (and Grandma) get that perfect crumbly, flaky, golden brown pie crust? Here is a recipe for such a crust - a shortening pie crust that's easy to shape. Included are the... Read More »