Snap Freeze . How to snap freeze battered fried potato Chips ?

Answer In a commercial setting they do this it is referred to a flash freezing it is hard to do at home as you need extremely cold temperatures for a short period and log period of mild freezing, what the... Read More »

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Can an LCD freeze?

An LCD television has a liquid crystal display. You should take care that your LCD TV does not freeze, as it could permanently alter the quality of the image displayed. If you are concerned about f... Read More »

How to Freeze Dry?

One way to preserve food is to freeze-dry it. Freeze-drying food removes any water while leaving the primary composition of the food intact, thus reducing the total weight of the food and making fo... Read More »

How to Freeze Egg Nog?

Commercial eggnog is available in grocery stores in the fall, just in time for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Because eggnog is made with raw eggs, it must be stored properly. The United ... Read More »

Can LCD TVs freeze?

Anything can freeze, but there are usually recommended temperature ranges on the TV or in the directions for the TV. Other temperatures (hot or cold) will affect the picture and future performance.