Can you freeze lemongrass?

Answer Yes, you can......wrap it in managable sized pieces, double wrap in Saran Wrap (or the like) and then double wrap in aluminum foil....Freeze up to 6 months, DEFROST IT IN THE REFRIGERATOR.......Pro... Read More »

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Where can you buy lemongrass?

from a specailist lemon grass supplier

How to Use Lemongrass in Cooking?

Commonly found in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, lemongrass is used to add a aromatic lemon flavor to dishes. Besides its uses in the kitchen, the aromatic properties of lemongrass are found in aroma... Read More »

How do I preserve lemongrass?

HarvestingHarvest lemongrass in the morning hours when the morning dew has dried out but before the day's heat. Remove diseased and dried up leaves as it can spread unwanted disease to healthy leav... Read More »

How to Cook Lemongrass Dog?

Lemongrass dog is a very popular Vietnamese dish! Tender dog meat coupled with savory, citrus lemongrass sauce is sure to satisfy any cravings for Vietnamese cuisine. It should be noted, however, t... Read More »