Can you freeze garden seeds for later use?

Answer Garden seeds can be frozen for storage purposes. To freeze garden seeds correctly they must be completely dried first. When you defrost the seeds you must do so slowly to maintain the integrity of ... Read More »

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Can you freeze pumpkin seeds?

Yes. You can freeze pumpkin seeds in a freezer bag. If you plan to plant the seeds, do not open your bag before the seeds have thawed. The condensation can change their effectiveness. If you intend... Read More »

Is it ok to freeze vegetable seeds?

It can be hard to use all of your harvested or purchased seeds in one season. Dried vegetable seeds can be safely frozen for future use. Freezing dry vegetable seeds in an airtight container at a s... Read More »

Can you freeze basil seeds?

2/2/09 Unintentionally my basil seeds froze in my garden shed! Last week I thought I'd better try to see if they would germinate...I planted several and 7 have germinated so far. I too hope the r... Read More »

Should I Freeze Seeds Before Planting?

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