Can you freeze garden seeds for later use?

Answer Garden seeds can be frozen for storage purposes. To freeze garden seeds correctly they must be completely dried first. When you defrost the seeds you must do so slowly to maintain the integrity of ... Read More »

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Can you freeze&use milk later?

Pasteurized milk can be frozen; however, after thawing there's a chance it will separate and turn grainy so it's best to use it for cooking. When freezing, leave extra space in the storage jar or j... Read More »

Can you freeze homemade pasta or is it better to dry it for later use?

Yes it definitely makes a difference what flour you use. You cannot use pastry or high-gluten flour. You should use a hard durham wheat flour if you can find it; if not, use an all-purpose flour--a... Read More »

Can you freeze petit fours for later enjoyment?

You can freeze petit fours without fondant or dairy-based ingredients for up to 30 days. For best results, use square, air-tight freezer containers. Keep cakes in their papers. Do not stack in laye... Read More »

Can you freeze whole milk to drink later?

Freezing whole milk can change the texture and appearance of the milk, but it can be frozen anywhere from three weeks to three months. Be advised that freezing milk will cause the milk to expand b... Read More »