Can you freeze chocolate candy?

Answer According to the candy and dessert website,, chocolate candy can be frozen; however, some types of chocolate candy may "bloom," or discolor, when frozen. Only the appearance ... Read More »

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Can you freeze candy bars?

You can freeze candy bars. It is a great way to preserve the chocolate bars. Candy bars that are not chocolate can be frozen but be careful before eating them because they can become very hard. You... Read More »

Best Candy Bar or Chocolate!?

it definitely has to be 3 musketeers!!!! or milky way :D

How to Mold Chocolate Candy?

Molded chocolate candy shapesWould you like to learn how to mold a piece of chocolate candy into your desired shape? Read this article to learn how to do it!

Can chocolate candy be frozen?

On One Hand: Freezing Doesn't Harm the Taste of ChocolateChocolate candy can be frozen for extended periods of time without negatively affecting the taste or texture.On the Other: Freezing Affects ... Read More »