Can you freeze basil seeds?

Answer 2/2/09 Unintentionally my basil seeds froze in my garden shed! Last week I thought I'd better try to see if they would germinate...I planted several and 7 have germinated so far. I too hope the r... Read More »

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Can you freeze basil pesto?

Basil pesto can be preserved for three to six months by keeping it in the freezer. In addition, basil pesto will stay fresh for about a week in the How to Easil... Read More »

Do basil seeds grow in cotton?

That is dependent on the type of the herb, some are only viable for a few short weeks, others can be sown years later with reduced but still good results. Consult a good herb gardening book from yo... Read More »

How long do basil seeds take to grow?

2 days to germinate25 days for a seedling

Do basil seeds do better in the dark or in the light?