Can you freeze and thaw yogurt?

Answer It's fine to freeze and thaw yogurt, although the yogurt may separate somewhat during the process. Beating it with a wire whisk will restore its texture. Freeze flavored yogurt. However, avoid free... Read More »

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Can you freeze yogurt to make frozen yogurt?

Freezing yogurt cups, drinks or sticks makes a delicious snack without destroying the healthy bacteria. However, this is not the same frozen yogurt you would buy at an ice cream store, which is mad... Read More »

How Does Freeze-Thaw Weathering Work?

Rocks may seem incredibly hard, but, like nearly everything else in nature, eventually wear away. Scientists call this process, where the forces of nature consume rocks and them back into sediment,... Read More »

During the winter, do ants freeze and in the summer thaw out and come back to life?

No, ants hibernate during the winter in warm place like soil or under the bark of trees.

Can you freeze commercial yogurt?

You can freeze commercial yogurt. Once you freeze yogurt, the healthy culture in it becomes dormant, but it reactivates once the yogurt is thawed in the refrigerator or heated up within the body. H... Read More »