Can you freeze English muffins?

Answer You can freeze English muffins if you package them carefully in freezer bags or wrap them tightly in aluminum foil. Storing the muffins in the freezer can keep them fresh for up to three months. Fr... Read More »

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Do the English people eat English muffins,?

I'm English and yes, I eat English muffins. We used to just call them muffins and that's what you got, but now, with the invasion of the US cakey type muffin then you probably have to specify whet... Read More »

Who makes Thomas'English Muffins?

In 1874 Samuel Bath Thomas brought a recipe for English muffins to the United States from England. By 1880 he had opened a bakery in Manhattan. His heirs incorporated S.B. Thomas Inc. in 1922 and s... Read More »

Who owns Thomas English Muffins?

Bimbo Bakeries USA owns Thomas' English Muffins as well as a host of other prominent baked goods brands, including Entenmann's, Arnold's and Tia Rosa. In addition to English muffins, Thomas' produc... Read More »

Waffles English Muffins Or Croissant's?