Can you fracture your arm and not know it?

Answer yes you can and if you recall I told you to do to the doctor yesterday after you fell of your stationary bike!!!hey seriously go to the doctor!!feel better!!

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Is it possible to fracture your testicle?

You can rupture a testicle. It happens to athletes from time to time. Michael Barrett (baseball - catcher), and Mike Spivey (football - cornerback) are two examples that I can remember. So always... Read More »

How do you fracture your wrist really quickly?

Im sorry to hear about your troubles :/ First, take some pain killers because I dont want you to be in pain. Hold your wrist, and bend it down completelty so that your fingers touch your arm. Hold ... Read More »

Can you fracture your fibula without it hurting?

You probably know how much it hurts to bang your shin against a table. Now, imagine that, except instead of getting a minor bruise, your whole bone cracks. Painful. Fracturing a bone is never not p... Read More »

How high would you have to drop a brick from to fracture your foot?

It really depends on how the brick lands, but anywhere from waist height up is proven to have the possibility of causing a small fracture.