Can you fracture your arm and not know it?

Answer yes you can and if you recall I told you to do to the doctor yesterday after you fell of your stationary bike!!!hey seriously go to the doctor!!feel better!!

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What is the first aid for a leg fracture?

Remember that First Aid is all about stabilization and transport -- we aren't going to actually treat a leg fracture in the field. That said...Check patient for airway, breathing, cardiac, bleeding... Read More »

I think I may have fracture my arm?

Yes, it sounds like you do have a fracture in your arm.

What is the aid given to fracture?

Splint the fracture in the position found.

Is there a fracture ?

Your ankle could very well have a hair line crack or even worse in it - sorry. The only way to tell is to go and have it x-rayed. You should certainly not be trying to run on it even if it is spra... Read More »