Can you forward your contacts from your iPhone 2g?

Answer There is a free iTunes App called My Contacts backup. The app allows you to export all your iPhone contacts and to send it to yourself via Email, making it quite easy to import the contacts on the ... Read More »

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If you are syncing your Gmail contacts over the air to your Iphone - when you add a contact on your Iphone does it get added to your Gmail contacts?

How do you transfer your contacts from your HTC droid Eris to your Iphone 4?

Export the contacts to your sd card, connect the eris to the computer with the usb cord, set the phone to usb mass storage mode by pulling down the notification bar, choosing the notification, theb... Read More »

How can you find your contacts from your iPhone on your computer?

you can find your iPhone contacts on computer by using Contacts backup app. at

Can you transfer contacts from your current mobile phone to your new iPhone?

They can do it at the AT&T store. But you have to have under like 230/250? contacts. It only takes a minute and it's really easy for them. If your current phone does not support syncing contacts t... Read More »