Can you fly if you are colorblind?

Answer According to the Federal Aviation Administration, a pilot must be able to distinguish colors necessary for safe flight. In the event that a pilot cannot pass a standard visual exam, an alternative ... Read More »

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Can a woman be colorblind?

Yes, women can be colorblind. Colorblindness is hereditary. When the gene for colorblindness is carried by the mother, all of her baby boys will be colorblind. If the father carries the gene also, ... Read More »

Can women be colorblind?

Women can be colorblind, but the condition affects many more men than women. Approximately 5 to 8 percent of men are colorblind, compared to only about .5 percent of women. The most common type of ... Read More »

Are cats colorblind?

According to the Cornell Center for Materials Research's "Ask a Scientist" feature, cats are not entirely colorblind as they can see some colors. Cats only have two types of cones (humans have thre... Read More »

Are birds colorblind?

Birds are not colorblind. Diurnal birds have an especially advanced sense of color, as scientists can tell by the variety of cones in bird eyes. It's also thought that certain birds can even see li... Read More »