Can you flash bios with a boot up disk?

Answer There are two techniques used to flash the BIOS. The first technique involves using a DOS boot disk, or a Windows 95/98 boot disk, to access the BIOS files. The second technique is to physically ... Read More »

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Do intel mac's have a bios can you boot up with a dos cd or usb key?

Macs don't have a BIOS the way PC users think of it. Instead, they have OpenFirmware. I've included a link below that gives some information about how to get into it and what you can then do.

How do I update BIOS with a floppy disk?

Prepare Floppy DiskInsert a floppy disk into your computer. Format the floppy disk. In Windows, open “My Computer.” Right-click the floppy disk and choose “Format.” Press “Format.”Downl... Read More »

How to Flash My BIOS With a Thumb Drive?

Flashing the BIOS is the process of replacing the existing BIOS with a new or later revision. It is required to make the USB drive "bootable," so that the computer can recognize it at system startu... Read More »

How to Make an XP Pro Boot Disk With an SP2 CD?

Creating a duplicate, bootable Windows XP Professional CD out of your Windows XP Professional SP2 CD will enable you to have a backup copy, protecting you if you lose your original copy of the Wind... Read More »