Can you fix softner for a dishwasher which has softningsystem?

Answer Answer Probably this will work, there is some variance in design. In the door there is a door that opens to dispense the softener. There is a little tab that sticks out that the timer opens. After... Read More »

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How does fabric softner make the clothes softer?

it breaks the fibres apart a little but not so much that it falls apart

How do I clean a venturi nozzle on a water softner?

Remove the Nozzle and VenturiSet the water softener to a soft water cycle. Ensure there is no pressure at the nozzle or venturi. Slide the face plate cover on the venturi and nozzle toward you.Remo... Read More »

Would a plastic item that melted in your dishwasher spread harmful toxins throughout the dishwasher making everything in the dishwasher unsafe to use again?

Melting plasticNo harmful toxins, but probably a bad taste. It wouldn't hurt to run the load again. Well I do not agree entirely, depending how bad the plastic was melted and what KIND of plastic i... Read More »

PLEASE HELP. My fabric softner discolored an ivory shirt it's now a very pale blue-ish green!!?

Try rewashing it with the warmest water you can (check the label!) and then air dry. If it's still discolored, you've got a couple of possibilities. One would be a color-safe bleach like sodium p... Read More »