Can you find toshiba tv codes ceral number is 19au500u?

Answer Well, this is a good question, but there are different types. First, there are the black ones. They are very fast, but come surprisingly cheap, for about 50 cents. Then there's the white ones, very... Read More »

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Cannot get your toshiba tv to work with your direct tv remove you have tried all codes given to you by Direct tv Direct tv told you to go to toshiba?

Seems pretty dimple to me unless u live in a world that doesn't make money. That's only $50 a sale. Pretty easy lady

What are the Toshiba ct-90275 codes?

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What are the codes for a toshiba se-r0301?

If you want to make it region free or change the region the code is 9 8 7 9 then put the number of the region in straight after, but 0 is the one I put in so eg. 9 8 7 9 0. A blue rectangle should ... Read More »

What are Programing codes for toshiba tv?

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