Can you find fossils in shale?

Answer You can find fossils in shale ,since fossils are common in sedimentary rock, which includes shale. Usually the fossils found in shale include only bones, shells or other hard parts of bodies, but s... Read More »

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Fossils Found in the Burgess Shale?

The Burgess Shale in British Columbia, Canada holds an exceptionally large quantity of fossils from the Middle Cambrian period. The period lasted from approximately 540 million years ago until 490 ... Read More »

How do scientists find fossils?

Fossils are the remnants or traces of animals, plants or other living creatures from a previous geological age that have been preserved in the Earth's crust. They are most likely to occur in places... Read More »

Is shale impermeable?

Shale is a rock that is impermeable to water and gas, making it difficult to extract natural gas from it. Due to growing demand, rising prices and new technology, removing the gas has become a more... Read More »

Is roofing made of shale?

Durable clay tiles used for roofing provide a weather resistant surface . These tiles are made from clay, shale or similar natural substances that are fired at a very high temperature.Source:ASTM: ... Read More »