Can you file for divorce without an attorney in Kentucky?

Answer You don't need an attorney to file for divorce in Kentucky. A petition for divorce may be filed with the clerk at your county courthouse. However, the court may require that both parties take a div... Read More »

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How to File Divorce Papers Without an Attorney?

In some circumstances, you may be able to divorce your spouse without paying for an attorney. Called a pro se (on your own behalf) divorce, it's simply a matter of completing the paperwork, filing ... Read More »

General Power of Attorney State Law for Kentucky?

The granting of a general power of attorney is a very broad delegation of decision-making abilities recognized under the law. In Kentucky, powers of attorney must comply with specific state statute... Read More »

What does a divorce attorney do?

A divorce attorney performs a number of duties to represent a client facing the dissolution of his marriage. She must collect and interpret relevant information, provide advice and guidance, negoti... Read More »

Can I sue my divorce attorney?

Retaining a divorce attorney is a major decision. You literally place a very important part of your live in the hands of a divorce lawyer, trusting that she competently and effectively will represe... Read More »