Can you file for a divorce without a lawyer in Texas?

Answer If you're looking to get a divorce in Texas, you probably know how expensive attorneys can be. Many people ask whether it's possible to file without hiring a divorce lawyer. The answer is yes--wit... Read More »

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How to Get a Divorce Without a Lawyer?

A lawyer is not required for you to obtain a divorce. Divorces obtained without an attorney are called a Pro Se divorces, a Latin term meaning on his or her own. How to get a divorce without a lawy... Read More »

Do you need a lawyer to file regarding divorce decrees?

You do not need a lawyer to file a divorce decree. If both parties are in agreement with the divorce and there aren't any legal issues to settle, you can file "pro se" (on your own behalf) without ... Read More »

How to File for Divorce in Texas?

If you live in Texas and you're thinking about filing for a divorce, you might be wondering how to do it and where to start. Learn how divorce in Texas works, and what you'll need to do to get one.

How to File for Common Law Divorce in Texas?

Common-law marriage makes a couple who live together and hold themselves out as married, married in the eyes of the law even if the couple never had a wedding or obtained a marriage license. Texas ... Read More »