Can you file bankruptcy on past due taxes?

Answer Filing for bankruptcy protection may help a person either eliminate back taxes (called a discharge) or at least give the individual more time to pay them back. However, the particulars of the case ... Read More »

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How do I file taxes after bankruptcy?

Filing income taxes after bankruptcy is not much different than filing before bankruptcy. However, many believe a couple of fallacies after they take this action. One is that tax debt will be forgi... Read More »

Can you file bankruptcy on Kansas state taxes?

You can only declare bankruptcy on Kansas state taxes if those bills are at least three years old, according to the book "How to File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy." This law also applies to any local o... Read More »

Can you file bankruptcy on federal&state taxes?

You can file bankruptcy on federal and state taxes; however, you won't receive a discharge unless they are three years old, you filed properly and did not try to evade taxes, according to Atlanta a... Read More »

Should I file my taxes separately from my spouse if we filed jointly in the past?

If filing separately results in a lower tax bill than filing a joint return with your spouse, the IRS allows it, regardless of how you filed in the past. Figure your tax both ways (joint return and... Read More »