Can you file bankruptcy on irs debt?

Answer You list the Internal Revenue Service as a creditor in bankruptcy when you owe back taxes. Despite disclosure, IRS debt cannot be discharged in a bankruptcy case and you remain responsible for the ... Read More »

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How far in debt do you have to be to file bankruptcy?

According to the Moran Law Group, you do not have to have any minimum amount of debt to file bankruptcy--just the inability to pay your debts. You will have to perform a means test to determine if ... Read More »

How much debt must you owe in order to file for bankruptcy?

You do not need any minimum amount of debt before filing for bankruptcy, according to the United States Air Force Academy. However, you generally should not file unless you are at least $15,000 to ... Read More »

What Is the Income Vs. Debt to File Bankruptcy in Missouri?

You can file bankruptcy in Missouri regardless of how your income compares to your debts. Federal bankruptcy law doesn't require you owe more than you can pay, and some individuals file bankruptcy ... Read More »

How to Move Secure Debt to Unsecure to File Bankruptcy?

In general, there are two types of debt: secured and unsecured. Secured debt is an asset--a home, a car or a bank account--held as collateral. Unsecured debt is the opposite of secured debt, there ... Read More »