Can you file bankruptcy on a 401k loan?

Answer Bankruptcy cannot be filed on a 401k loan. A 401k loan is not considered a legitimate loan (debt) because the borrower has borrowed his own retirement money. If the loan is unable to be repaid, it ... Read More »

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Can you file for bankruptcy on an equity loan?

When declaring bankruptcy, a home equity loan is treated no differently than any other type of secured loan. A bankruptcy will eliminate the debt from the home equity loan, but it does not eliminat... Read More »

Can you file bankruptcy on a student loan?

Student loans are not automatically forgiven in bankruptcy, but a debtor can file an adversary proceeding to have student loans reviewed. If the debtor can demonstrate that paying off the loan crea... Read More »

Can a person file bankruptcy on an FHA loan?

FHA loans can be included in all chapters of bankruptcy. The federal bankruptcy code does not prohibit any kind of mortgage from being included in either chapter seven, or chapter 13 bankruptcy fil... Read More »

Can I file a private signature loan in a bankruptcy?

Yes, private signature loans can qualify as debt in bankruptcy. In bankruptcy, you can include unsecured personal signature loans, credit cards, medical bills, home loans, and automobile loans. The... Read More »