Can you file bankruptcy on IRS payments?

Answer According to, filing chapter 7 bankruptcy might discharge all tax debts, so long as they are not recent (the previous year). Some taxes like payroll and trust fund are more likely ... Read More »

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Are bankruptcy payments tax-deductible?

According to bankruptcy attorneys Allmand and Lee, if you are making Chapter 13 bankruptcy payments, you can take the same tax deductions you would have outside of bankruptcy. These include mortgag... Read More »

How Many Payments Can I Miss Before My Car Is Repossesed After a Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy laws are designed to help creditors keep assets, but you still must make scheduled monthly payments or risk car repossession. The type of bankruptcy you file for also affects the risk of... Read More »

Can I make my car payments outside of my Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan?

Under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy repayment plan, the majority of your debts are consolidated into one monthly payment. This usually includes your car payment. Your local bankruptcy court, however, may... Read More »

Can Chapter 13 bankruptcy payments to a trustee be a tax deduction?

According to bankruptcy law firm Allmand and Lee, during a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, some payments to a trustee are tax-deductible. Permissible deductions include mortgage interest, spousal support, f... Read More »