Can you file bankruptcy if you own vacant land?

Answer Of course

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How to File the Sale of Vacant Land With the IRS?

Real estate owners who sell vacant land must report the sale of that land to the Internal Revenue Service as a gain or loss. The IRS disallows deductions for losses on most real estate transactions... Read More »

How to Finance Vacant Land?

Financing vacant land poses a high level of risk to potential lenders. They fear that the lack of a structure may make buyers more likely to let the land go into foreclosure if loan payments become... Read More »

How to Develop Vacant Land?

Vacant land has many possibilities. It may be developed as a housing site, commercial enterprise, farm, ranch or recreational area. Many factors are involved in vacant land development, and each ma... Read More »

Insurance on vacant land?

Coverage for truly vacant land is automatically extended from most homeowners policies at no additional cost. The catch is that vacant land is considered land free from any man made structures and ... Read More »