Can you feel your babys heart beat in your neck?

Answer Answer No. The heart beat in your neck is yours. In fact it isn't really possible to feel the babies heart beat at all. You can hear it with a monitor and even a stethescope, after the 3rd trimest... Read More »

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Why does my heart beat feel like this?

Does it feel like a flutter, then possibly a pause and then a hard beat? Maybe looking something like this? (V is a heart beat and . is the time between) V.....V.....V..V........V.....V.....V.…If... Read More »

I Can Always Feel My Heart Beat?

it is not normali think you may have a defect in your heart valveget a 2-D Echo of your heart urgently and show a cardiologistdont take it lightly

If you are paralyzed from the neck down, can you feel if you have a heart attack?

I would imagine that it would mess with your circulation a great deal to have a heart attack.Therefore, in my very unprofessional opinion, I think you would know because you would feel the circulat... Read More »

Why can I always hear and feel my heart beat?