I feel so guilty :( i did a bad work tonight.?

Answer I personally dislike smokers, but I do communicate with a lot of them, so my opinion may be a little biased. But, here it is:A lone smoke/cigarette is not life threatening and it's far before the c... Read More »

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Do you feel the pressures on to drink alcohol tonight?

No pressure at all. I'll drink my champagne freely and voluntarily.

I feel like I'm getting plaque tonight. Is this a good or bad thing?

it's a good thing. it protects you from reporters..

What have you eaten tonight that you really feel a bit guilty about?

mini doughnuts with vanilla custard frm M&S!not good fr me but was lovely!

Who wrote"To Make You Feel My Love"?

The song "Make You Feel My Love" or "To Make You Feel My Love" was recorded by singer/songwriter Bob Dylan. It appears on his album "Time Out of Mind," released in 1997. It has since been recorded ... Read More »