Can you feel nauseous when you are getting the flu?

Answer Yes, you usually will have chills, a fever, and a cough..

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How can you tell if you're suffering from early pregnancy symptoms if you feel nauseous and you eat a lot more and are constipated but when you do go it's runny?

Answer I wish someone would answer cause I am in the same situation. I have heartburn, cramps, bloated, gas, nauseous,dizzy, my brest hurts and I have little bumps around my nipples but I'm never h... Read More »

If you feel nauseous and tired all day and you occasionally feel some lightheadedness and have some cramping are these signs of pregnancy even though you haven't missed your period?

Answer yes, those are some possible signs of pregnancy. With my first child I had some of those symptoms and no missed period. Actually I had my period up to my fifth month. There are different sym... Read More »

Why do i feel so nauseous ?

The causes of nausea are many.Food poisoningMedicationsPregnancyDisequilibriumStress and depressionSome common causes of nausea are motion sickness, dizziness, fainting, gastroenteritis (stomach in... Read More »

Why did I feel nauseous after conditioning?

Well if you were sitting that long, your body's not used to the sudden energy and hard workout for your heart. You should take it slow at first, then go harder and harder each time. Your body's got... Read More »