Can you feel dizzy or sick from redbull?

Answer I would think It would depend on the individual and any underlying health issues they may have... I don't touch the stuff.from wikipedia on redbull ( which I think is just bull)Cardiovascular effec... Read More »

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Why do i feel dizzy and sick after i get my blood done?

If you had blood work done, you will know if your levels are okay. Tell your mamma how you are feeling and she can alert the doctor if you do not feel better the next day. Have you eaten and taken ... Read More »

Why do you feel sick very moody tired dizzy?

No contributor to this site can diagnose physical or mental illnesses, diseases, pregnancy or suggest medical procedures over the internet, nor is it the purpose of this site for them to do so. The... Read More »

Do you feel dizzy and sick in the mornings of pregnancy?

Please note all females are different , so some may have it only.

What does it mean if you feel faint and dizzy and sick in the throat and you are struggling to breath?

It means a lot of things. That's why you should go see a doctor.