Can you feel baby at 12 weeks?

Answer haha no its still very small and not large enough to kick against you its like the size of your index finger or even less depending.

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Can you feel the baby move at 14 weeks pregnant?

A baby will start moving in the uterus at approximately 7 weeks pregnant. While some women are able to feel movement at 14 weeks of pregnancy, the majority of women won't feel baby kicks until week... Read More »

Can you feel the baby move at sixteen weeks?

AnswerYes it is possible to feel movement at 16 weeks. Don't worry if you don't feel it this soon. It is different for each pregnancy. Fetal movementsMost women will feel movements in a first preg... Read More »

Can you feel the baby move at 8 weeks pregnant?

No, most women feel the baby at 16 weeks. For the first pregnancy, 20 weeks or later is normal

Should you be able to feel the baby moving at 9 weeks?

Answer Most likely not. Most women don't feel the baby move until at least 4 months. Some longer. It may just be gas bubbles you feel. A lot of women are more gassy when they are pregnant. If ... Read More »