Can you feed baby food to a 3 week old baby?

Answer babies are best held off to atleast 17 weeks to be given any solids. They get all their nutrients from the milk alone and that is best for them, ideally hold off to as near 24 weeks old to give sol... Read More »

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What will happen if you feed a 4 month old baby baby food?

It's not recommended that you start feeding a baby baby food until they're 6 months old. This is because their stomach isn't ready to digest foods other than formula or breast milk.

What age should you feed your baby baby food?

I started to feed my baby baby food when he was four months. We also gave him water when he was six months. Doctors don't suggest water until their older. Babies like water.

How to Feed Baby Birds Cat Food?

If you find a lost or abandoned baby bird, you may find yourself suddenly playing Mama Bird. After warming the little one in your hands, your most urgent duty is to feed the baby. Feeding a baby bi... Read More »

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