Can you fax with a Magicjack computer phone setup?

Answer Yes, you can! I have had my magic jack for a couple of months now, and I love it. I only recently ventured into trying to fax with it, and it took some trial and error but I finally got it set up... Read More »

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Can you use more than one phone with a magicJack?

Yes, you can use multiple cordless headsets in a home by connecting a cordless base station in magicJack. A phone splitter plugged into magicJack also allows the use of more than one corded phone.S... Read More »

Has anyone used the MagicJack phone system Does it work well?

yes!! I have it and love it!!I had no clue what I was doing, but I just got it last year for 40 dollars!.....then I got the 2nd year for 19.95 I think they called it for the FCC....license-fees or... Read More »

Can MagicJack be used on a desktop computer?

The MagicJack system works on desktop computers. MagicJack is a voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) device that connects to your computer and allows you to make and receive phone calls for a flat r... Read More »

How to Tweak a Computer for Use With MagicJack?

MagicJack is a VOIP (voice over IP) protocol that enables you to make calls from your computer over the Internet. Configuring your computer to take advantage of MagicJack means utilizing the full a... Read More »