Can you fall pregnant if you get up right after sex and go to the toilet?

Answer Going to toilet and washing genetials do not affect your prospects of pregnancy nature has its own machanism sperm is capable of reaching egg amids all odds

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How long after being on the pill did you fall pregnant?

i stopped the pill about a year n half to have a baby but still ttc everyones diff darling x best of luck x

Can I get pregnant right after childbirth?

On One Hand: Ovulation Can Occur at Any TimeAlthough unlikely, it is possible to get pregnant again before the baby has outgrown his newborn clothes. According to WebMD, women can ovulate "as soon ... Read More »

Can you still be pregnant if you go to the restroom right after having sex?

Going to the restroom does nothing to stop pregnancy after having sex, you are still pregnant

What does it mean a clear discharge right after you have sex with your husband somethings come out or a day after you have sexis that the reason why you cant be pregnant?

The clear discharge is your normal lubrication that increases during sex because you are aroused. The semen he leaves inside of you have to come out somewhere and there's only one way out. Sperms a... Read More »