Can you fall pregnant if you get up right after sex and go to the toilet?

Answer Going to toilet and washing genetials do not affect your prospects of pregnancy nature has its own machanism sperm is capable of reaching egg amids all odds

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What do I do if my cellphone fall to the toilet?

use a blow dryer to make sure all of the water is out of the phone.

What should I do if my contact lenses fall in my toilet?

Do not reuse them. Disinfection is not guaranteed to eliminate 100% of lavatory bacteria. Your urine isn't the worst thing it came in contact with.

I am on clomiphene to fall pregnant. Period is 2 weeks late had cramping and a lot of creamy mucus 2 AHP tests 1 blood tests all negative Could clomphene affect the results could I still be pregnant?

Answer You have probably developed an ovarian cyst, which often happens with clomid. It can delay your period and cause painful cramping. Ask your doctor for an ultrasound.

What causes pregnant women to eat toilet tissue?

If you are a pregnant woman craving unnatural things (toilet paper, sawdust, clay etc) stop eating them and call the Dr. it's a not-all-that-uncommon diagnosis, but it can be extremely dangerous, t... Read More »