Can you explain to me about what I should do before getting a new graphic card?

Answer Your current graphics comes from an IC chip that is next to the CPU chip inside the same part as plugged in the CPU socket. What you are looking to do is add a graphics card onto a PCIe slot on the... Read More »

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How to make my Geforce graphic card as the default graphic card for my PC?

Well you could slipstream some Nvidia drivers into your Windows CD, but since that is rather complicated to describe...There are two things I can think of for that problem.1. You are using a restor... Read More »

Increasing Graphic Card Voltage Can Put The Graphic Card In Danger?

Of course it will shorten it's lifespan, but that said as long as the overvolt isn't too extreme it can be worth it as by the time the card breaks it will probably be obsolete anyway. Watch out tho... Read More »

How do I put graphic card in my computer with sound card stuck with it?

Hi,You are misunderstanding the view, the graphics card and the sound card are Integrated in the motherboard not separate cards.Any additional cards go into the slots above where the grey removable... Read More »

Which is the best graphic card?

I usually prefer AMD, but the nVidia GTX 690 is the best card out there.