Kenmore dishwasher model No 3022 16022991 and my instruction book does not explain the function of the selection Smart Wash Would you please tell me what that selection means?

Answer The Walker Brothers invented the first electric dishwasher in 1913.

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Explain RAM please?

your a little confused you ask abt RAM but describe you hard drive?ram is --> drive is -->…

Ladies...please explain!!?

Please explain skype to me?

Skype is a software program created by the entrepreneurs Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis. Skype allows users to make telephone calls from their computer to other Skype users free of charge, or to... Read More »

Explain tumbr to me please?

If you no what blogs are then your fine. Tumblr is a website for people to write blogs about anything , include tags using the hash tag key # . These tags makes your blog appear when someone search... Read More »