Can you exercise with a bone spur?

Answer On One Hand: Most Spurs Cause No SymptomsBone spurs are growth of bone that develop along existing bones, according to the Mayo Clinic. They do not usually cause pain and generally go unnoticed. If... Read More »

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Can you continue to exercise with a bone spur?

On One Hand: Exercise Not Harmful, But May Be PainfulAs the Mayo Clinic explains, while most bone spurs do not cause any symptoms, some bone spurs can cause pain or restrict a patient's movement. D... Read More »

How Can I Treat My Bone Spur?

Bone spurs can be a painful condition where protuberances develop along a bone's edge. Spurs can occur on any bone in the body, with pain exaggerated when nerves become compressed or spurs rub agai... Read More »

How can i get rid of a bone spur on my knee?

A bone spur, also known as an osteophyte, is bony development that can form on any bone in the body that is near joints, ligaments or tendons. Bone spurs occur most often in people who participate ... Read More »

What causes a bone spur?

Bone spurs are smooth growths that form along the edges of the bone. They can occur anywhere, but most commonly appear on the spine, shoulders, knees, hips and feet. Several things can contribute t... Read More »