Can you exercise regularly when you're pregnant?

Answer On One Hand: Exercise Is Always HealthyDon't cease exercising because you're worried about hurting your baby. According to WebMD, regular exercise during pregnancy is encouraged to help with prepar... Read More »

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What does it mean when your boyfriend has a dream that youre pregnant with twins?

How can i get pregnant if i'm not ovulating regularly?

Anovulation is the technical term for irregular ovulation. Not all women have the same cycle. To determine if your ovulation is regular mark on a calendar when you get your period. After a few mont... Read More »

Is it possible to not know youre 3 months pregnant?

yes it is possible to know whether you're 3 months pregnant through symptoms such as that of: morning sickness; missed cycles; swelling of the abdomen; frequent urination; swelling and tenderness o... Read More »

Should you drink slim fast while youre pregnant?

No reason why you shouldn't. It is full of vitamins and minerals. It should not be the only source of nourishment, one needs to eat a healthy diet.