Can you even possibly be addicted to this!?

Answer This could lead you to sniffing glue or paint thinner, which is dangerous, you could be breathing in a lot of unhealthy fumes too. I understand the need to do something weird or outrageous, but you... Read More »

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IS this possibly DOMS?

Yes, that's DOMS. It was to be expected with this being your first time weightlifting in a while anyway ... you've just got it particularly bad because you went straight into it hard.Do some stretc... Read More »

What is this possibly called?

What could this problem possibly be?

Ya, you're all messed up. Stay home today.

What in this world can possibly help me!?

the more you cut off the faster itl grow. cut maybe 2 inches off, then do exactly what you were doing before and when you wash ur hair only use shampoo on ur roots, and only use conditioner on the ... Read More »