Can you erase stuff from your hard drive?

Answer When you delete files from your computer, they remain present on your hard drive for someone with the right tools and skills to easily recover. To erase things completely from your hard drive, you ... Read More »

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How do i completely erase my hard drive and other stuff?

You don't actually have to delete the existing partitions prior to restoring your computer, but if you want to, you can use any partitioner you want, including the one in your OS installer. Or, if ... Read More »

How to erase a hard drive?

I'd advice against doing that. Erasing the hard drive is relatively easy but getting the computer as it was before, i.e., with all the programs you use installed and configured is a real pain. Here... Read More »

How To Erase A Hard Drive?

If you want to start your computer up from scratch to improve performance, or clear it completely to get rid of all your information, you should learn how to erase a hard drive. It's not difficult,... Read More »

How to erase hard drive?

If you have the Windows CD, then boot the computer to the CD and select reloading windows rather than repairing. It should even ask if you want to reformat the hard disk, which will first erase eve... Read More »